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Wood oil

Wood oil will make the woodwork more resistant to weather, wind and UV rays, which can age and bleach the wood over time.

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In our selection of wood oil on this page, you can find quality products for the care of wood from the traditional manufacturer FAXE, which today is part of EFApaint A/S. We also sell wood oil from Arsinol ®.




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Oil for wooden terrace and outdoor garden furniture

Outdoor woodwork, in particular, can be quickly worn by wind, weather and general wear and tear. Besides that, the sun's UV rays will bleach the wood. Therefore, it can be a good idea to maintain the woodwork on an ongoing basis so that it lasts a long time.

The formula FAXE uses for their wood oil has been developed with a view to the best effect and durability - which also does not compromise the environment. The product contains pigments that will complement the wood's natural colours and structure, thus preventing early bleaching and ageing.

The oil will also give the wood a fresh glow, so it looks new and beautiful. In addition to wood oil, you can maintain the woodwork or wooden terrace with FAXE Terrasserens, which will remove coatings. Please use the patio cleaner 1-2 times a year.


Get started with wood oil on a wooden terrace

Make sure to get a good and even layer of oil on the woodwork and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. The oil is only fully cured after 1-2 days - here, the woodwork mustn't get wet.

If the wood is very dry and absorbs more oil than usual, you may need to give it another go. However, avoid applying the oil on a scorching and sunny day - as the oil risks drying out before it penetrates the woodwork properly. In addition, the humidity in the wood must be around 15%. Therefore, late summer is an ideal time to bring out the wood oil.

Would you like to paint your wooden terrace? See our selection of wood paint here. FAXE wood oil can also be used for planking outdoors. For example, FAXE Precious tree oil can be used to renovate outdoor furniture, windows and fences.