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Floor varnish

Floor varnish protects and maintains varnished wooden surfaces.

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FAXE floor varnish has been specially developed with a focus on quality and high standards - and provides a fantastic wear resistance of the floor, which will make the floor much easier to clean afterwards.




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Floor varnish and floor care from FAXE

At EFApaint, we have a fantastic selection of floor varnishes from FAXE, specially developed for the treatment, protection and maintenance of wooden floors and other wooden surfaces.

If it is a floor in high-traffic areas - e.g. public areas and other places with high demands for wear resistance, then you should go for this FAXE GO varnish, which has been developed to be extremely strong and resistant.

Quality floor varnish will require minimal maintenance but must be cleaned. Maintain your floor regularly with basic cleaning.

Try this FAXE GOlak Care. Depending on your needs, you can choose between matt, silk matt and glossy wood lacquer.


How to get started with painting the floor

We recommend applying the wood varnish in three layers to achieve optimal wear resistance. You can also start by carrying out a small surface test to ensure that the varnish adheres correctly - and that you get the colour tone you want.

  • First of all, make sure you clean your wooden floor thoroughly. This is done with the product FAXE GOlak basic cleaning. Then you ensure that all dirt is removed and that the paint adheres as best as possible. Finally, allow the wood to dry completely before starting.
  • We also recommend applying the varnish at a temperature of at least 18 degrees and 50% humidity.
  • If the wooden floor has previously been varnished, you must sand the floor so that it is matt and more receptive to the new varnish.
  • Before you start, you must carefully shake the varnish bottle during the process. Then apply the varnish with your preferred painting tool - brush, paint roller or paint pad - or sprayer - depending on the size of the area. Make sure to apply in an even layer.
  • Let the varnish dry for 4-6 hours at 20 °C. We recommend that you sand in between to ensure a smooth and even surface for the next layer. Use 180 grit lengthwise for best results.

Other tips for varnishing the floor

  • If you want the floor to have a whiter appearance - if the floor is yellowed, for example - then we recommend using this FAXE GOlak Hvidunder before varnishing.
  • If, on the other hand, you want a deeper, darker glow in the wood, you can start with two coats of FAXE GOlak Blank and then once with FAXE GOlak matt.

Fast delivery of floor varnish

Choosing the right floor varnish depends on the task and the subject you are facing. You must also assess how large a quantity you need - or what type of shine you want.

Are you in doubt? Then you are welcome to contact us for expert guidance and sparring so that together we can find the best surface solution for your next project.