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Floor soap

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Floor soap

FAXE Floor soap helps to give a natural appearance and saturated surface, which is resistant to spilt liquids and wear. It can be used after lye treatment, where you can use FAXE White Lye advantageously.

FAXE Floor soap is made from pure and light vegetable oils and natural wax. This helps to create an unrivalled saturation of the wood's pores and provides effective protection against, e.g. red wine, coffee etc. Available in natural and white.

FAXE Floor soap is available in sizes 1, 2.5 and 5 litres.

How do you soap your floor?

When you have to start treating your wooden floors, you must clean your floor thoroughly with FAXE Wood cleaner and vacuum cleaner.

FAXE Floor soap can be used for maintenance and cleaning floors that have already been treated with soap and lye. In addition, FAXE Floor soap white is used where you want the coveted whitewashed patina.

ATTENTION If you have vinyl, laminate or linoleum, you must use FAXE Vinyl Wash.


Seed treatment of the floor - step by step

For pretreatment:

  1. Shake the can well before use
  2. FAXE Floor soap dissolves in dissolves in 5-10 litres of water.
  3. With a floor cloth/mop, wash the wood lengthwise with the soapy water.
  4. The wood is then wiped with a wrung-out cloth or mop.
  5. Achieve the best protection by repeating the treatment before use

FAXE Floor soap is also ideal for maintaining floors that have already been treated with soap and lye.


How to care for your wooden floor

If there's one thing many can agree on, soap therapy is excellent, but it also has drawbacks. Unfortunately, it is not quite as resistant as other types of floor treatment. However, WE have collected four pieces of advice for you to protect your new beautiful wooden floor easily.

  1. Make use of carpets and felt cushions for chairs, furniture etc. This is especially a good idea where there is a lot of traffic. This can e.g. be at the kitchen table, in your hallway or in the office. Unfortunately, wheels are not good friends with your wooden floor.
  2. Be careful with your footwear. You must avoid as much dirt and grime as possible. This is particularly difficult for a soap-treated floor, as stones and sand can create small scratches in the floor that can easily develop over time.
  3. Consider stone or other flooring in combination with wooden flooring. You can advantageously consider having something other than a substrate, other than wooden floors in highly trafficked areas, including the entrance hall, kitchen and bathroom.
  4. Don't skimp on the soap. When you clean your wooden floor, you can dilute it less in between so that you give the extra layer of soap. This can be advantageously done approximately every 4th time, so that you are sure of a stronger surface.

How to maintain your soap-treated wooden floors

or daily maintenance and cleaning of wood treated with FAXE Floor Soap, vacuuming is the obvious choice. When the wood gets dirty, it is easily washed with Faxe Floor Soap. However, using more than 1 litre of soap for 10-20 litres of water is not necessary.

This ensures a long-lasting beautiful, and natural surface, which will also be resistant to spilt liquids in the future.


Oil, soap or varnish?

In terms of durability, floor varnish is the most robust and durable solution. Otherwise, come oil and finally soap. It, of course, depends on the desired appearance and requirements.


At FAXE, we have produced quality solutions for your wood for many years. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of various treatments for your particular floor, contact us here. We look forward to helping you with your next project.