Rød primer males på ståloverflade


corrosion protection for metal and steel. Produced to withstand hard wear on e.g. tractors

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Our EFAmetal Primers have been developed for surfaces with high demands on quality and durability. In addition to rust protection for metal and steel, the primer also acts as an additional protective layer before applying paint.




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Which rust protection should I choose?

At EFApaint, we have different primers. We produce i.a. our EFAmetal Machine Primer matte and silk matte. The difference is that silk mat can stand alone indoors as a barrier primer in addition to leaving a silky mat look. Our series 102 is our classic machine primer for metal and stands.

Our EFAmetal Maskinprimer is available in different sizes and can be painted over with alkyd topcoats. Our EFAmetal Machine Primer is produced in grey and red.


Rust protection for metal and aluminium

At EFApaint, you can buy corrosion protection for production facilities, construction machinery, agricultural machinery etc. We offer different variants, but they all have in common: they protect against rust. Our EFAmetal Machine Primer can be used before EFAmetal Machine Enamel series 0130.

If you use spray paint and want rust protection, you must use our EFAspray primer. ATTENTION! If you have to paint on surfaces such as aluminium and galvanized steel, you must use EFAmetal Shopprimer first.