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Paint of the future


EFAcare vægmaling gl. 5

Fremtidens vægmaling med en god dækkeevne, som er lugtsvag og indeholder CO2 reducerende genanvendte råvarer

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Why choose EFAcare?

CO2 busk på mark fyldt med græs

CO2 reduction

EFAcare has less CO2 emissions than other wall paints. You save up to 7 kg of CO2 pr. 10 litres of EFAcare wall paint. This provides a CO2 reduction of approx 76% compared with similar wall paint. 

With EFAcare, we focus on leaving as small a CO2 footprint as possible without compromising quality and functionality. 

Recycled raw material 

With EFAcare, there is less corrosion on the earth's resources. Furthermore, in the production of EFAcare, PVB is used from damaged car windows, which would otherwise be thrown out. EFAcare ensures a sustainable product that also meets strict environmental requirements and more.  

You make a difference when you choose EFAcare. For you, your environment, the climate and the future. 

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Without uncomfortable smell

EFAcare gives off minimal to no amounts of uncomfortable smells. It is one of the most positive effects of paint and enjoyment of a freshly painted wall. EFAcare cares about the environment, surroundings and humans and, at the same time, has excellent covering power and washability.

Good indoor climate

EFAcare is the safe choice when the walls of the home are to be painted. EFAcare meets the strictest requirements for quality and helps create a better indoor climate.

EFAcare also ensures a good indoor climate, as it amits minimal amounts of vapours and thus minimal risk of physical discomfort. EFAcare is helping to set new standards for the paint of the future.