Oliepleje på gulve tilføres med gulvmaskine

Oil care

Oil care finishes your floor and gives the floor a natural glow and warmth.

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In addition, the oil treatment can minimize discolouration and refreshes the floor. The treatment is easy and you quickly achieve a great result. Discover our selection of oil care from FAXE here.

In our selection of oil care and care oils, you will find the care that suits the condition of your floor. Whether the oil is to be used for major care and renovation - or for frequent washing.




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Oil care for wooden floors from FAXE

The oil treatment from FAXE has been developed to highlight the structure and grain of the wood - and will give the wooden floor a beautiful and natural look. FAXE oil care is used for washing, maintenance and sealing oil-treated wooden floors and will protect the floor from dirt and liquid - and give a nice, glossy look.

You will also find FAXE Oilotion in the selection, which is used for quickly refreshing oiled floors and other wooden surfaces.

For initial care, you must use FAXE Care Oil, which will give the floor the whole round of oil treatment that can renovate wooden surfaces.

For larger areas, machine polish with oil-absorbing cloths. Depending on your needs, you can find the care oil in Natural and White.


Application of oil care

The oil treatment is easy to apply and, therefore, a quick and cheap way to make the floor shine. FAXE Oil Care can be used in undiluted and diluted forms. If desired, it is dissolved in diluted water in a ratio of 1:20.

For initial treatment or renovation, it is used undiluted. You can wash the wooden floor with oil care as needed.

  1. Start by washing the floor thoroughly with the wooden floor cleaner

  2. Shake the can of oil care thoroughly

  3. Spread the oil care in a thin and uniform layer until the wooden floor looks nice and saturated - in the lengthwise direction of the wood. Remove excess oil with a lint-free cloth.

  4. Wait approx. 24 hours until the floor is wholly hardened before it can be walked on and furniture can be moved in

There is also a difference in how you should use the various oils - whether oil care or care oil - so read the instructions on the bottle or the product page carefully before you start.

You then clean the floor with a broom or vacuum cleaner. If the floor has become filthy or has a stubborn stain, use FAXE wood cleaner for basic cleaning.

Competent advice on choosing oil care

Are you in doubt as to whether you should choose oil care or lacquer for your wooden floor? Varnishing a floor, for example, will improve the floor's wear resistance to a greater extent and is easier to clean, where oil care penetrates further into the wooden floor and highlights the wood's structure better. See our selection of floor lacquers here.

If you want help with your choice of floor varnish, don't hesitate to contact us for advice and expert guidance. At EFApaint, we have many years of experience and expertise in finishing and surface solutions for wooden floors.