Træolie smøres med pensel på træ

Wood preservation

The fickle weather in Denmark requires a proper surface treatment that maintains and refreshes old woodwork to stand with a beautiful shine and colour.

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Therefore, good wood protection is the right investment, ultimately extending its lifespan. Furthermore, wood protection can be advantageous for new and older woodwork.

In addition to protecting against the sun's bleaching UV rays, wood protection will also protect against moisture, fungal attack and rot.




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Outdoor wood protection

Our wood protection from Arsinol ® has been specially developed for protective purposes and contains, among other things, active substances that will inhibit attacks on the woodwork. In addition, oil-based wood protection penetrates further into the woodwork.

In addition, the wood protection can also be used as wood paint, as the product is available with colour pigments, highlighting and preserving the wood's glow.

If you need to protect and care for your outdoor woodwork - such as a wooden terrace, garden furniture or wooden fence - you can also choose to use outdoor wood oil.

In the selection, you can also find boat varnish from FAXE, which can be used on woodwork n boats. The boat varnish has been specially developed to provide a protective shield against salt water - with excellent wear resistance. Buy FAXE boat varnish here.

The full-covering wood protection is used if you want extreme resistance to wear and weather. However, if you are looking for extra good covering power, then you should go for Arsinol ® extra, which contains more dry matter and remains on the woodwork after it dries. This will provide better protection.

Good advice for applying wood protection

The wood protection is easy to work with, but if you follow these excellent tips, you are guaranteed the best result.

  • You must start cleaning the woodwork thoroughly with a stiff brush for better results. All unevenness and paint residues are also removed. Use FAXE patio cleaner.
  • If it is brand new - or very dry - wood, you can also use Arsinol ® transparent to pre-treat the woodwork before Arsinol ® is applied to cover it.
  • Then, when applying the wood preservative, work wet-on-wet and finish one or two boards to full length. In this way, you avoid visible overlaps and get a beautiful result.

Note Be sure to cover brickwork, as brick absorbs the protection and leaves stains that are difficult to remove afterwards.

Remember to also maintain the woodwork continuously against dirt, water and algae. This can be done with our wood cleaner.