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Karl Faxe´s lye became the beginning of our company, which since have set new standards for quality products for gentle care of the wood. In 1926  Master Painter Karl Faxe invented a lye, that with a single treatment added to the wood a desirable white washed finish, which otherwise required a whole series of treatments with soap, sand, lime, etc.

Today, FAXE are owned and merged with Esbjerg Paints A/S, which is an old manufacturer of quality products, rich on traditions and established as early as in 1889. The company has longstanding experience with products for care and protection of metal, wood and concrete.

Together we grow our passion for quality and cover the entire value chain, from product development to production, sale and delivery.


FAXE RANGES            


  • FAXE Wooden Floor Soap
  • FAXE Active Care
  • FAXE Intensive Cleaner
  • FAXE Vinyl Cleaner




  • FAXE Prestige Oil
  • FAXE Wooden Floor Oil
  • FAXE Maintenance Oil
  • FAXE OILotion
  • FAXE Combicolor
  • FAXE Bees Wax
  • FAXE Tabletop Oil


  • FAXE Lye Original
  • FAXE Hardwood Lye
  • FAXE Universal Lye
  • FAXE Panellye White


  • FAXE Outdoor Cleaner
  • FAXE Decking Cleaner 
  • FAXE Hardwood Oil
  • FAXE Decking Oil 


  • FAXE Lacquers
  • FAXE Lacquer Range

Other products

  • FAXE Stone Range
  • FAXE Bleach

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FAXE will guide you to the best end result!

Even with the best products available, you are able to get a poor end result. Therefore the products has to be used in the right way according to desired appearance. In the matrix linked underneath, you will be led with very few steps to the result you desire.

Guide to the best end result


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