Blå metalmaling påføres med pensel på stål

Metal paint

Metal paint can freshen up various metal items that have started to fade. At the same time, metal paint and a primer protect against rust and corrosion.

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Our own EFAmetal ® is a series of metal paints for both metal, steel and aluminium. We develop and produce our products ourselves in Esbjerg. You are thus guaranteed a product that has been thoroughly tested, where we always ensure uniformity and high quality throughout all parts of the process.




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Metal paint for tractors, construction machinery and other metal

EFAmetal Machine enamel has been developed for optimal adhesion and durability. The product is based on alkyd, ensuring good durability, especially outdoors. It is also easy to apply and is available in many different colours.

We stock, e.g. a wide range of standard colours from agriculture and the construction industry. It can also be produced in many different RAL colours. We have metal paint for various surfaces, but you must pay attention to whether it is aluminium or galvanized steel, as this requires a special EFAmetal Shopprimer before application.


Choose the right metal paint

If corrosion protection is desired, a machine primer must be used. EFAmetal Maskinprimer is also available in a matt and silk matt variant if desired. EFAmetal special enamel is also a quick-drying and rust-inhibiting paint, which is also heat-resistant up to 400°.

We also produce spray paint, available in many different colours - including RAL colours - in towering quality. Spray paint is easier for repairing smaller areas and is also available as a primer if rust protection is desired.

In our selection of paints for metal, metal paint with a hammer effect is also available. This solution provides a decorative, cracked surface and can be used on indoor metal items such as shop fixtures, giving them a new finish. 


How to paint with metal paint


  • The item is carefully cleaned of grease, dirt, rust and lose paint. In addition, previously painted items must be matte sanded.
  • The product adheres directly to steel. Corrosion protection is achieved by priming with EFAmetal Maskinprimer. However, we recommend that you use a primer.
  • The product is applied by brush, spray, roller or dipping.

Fast delivery of metal paint

Choosing the right paint depends on the task and the subject you are facing. Are you in doubt? Then you are welcome to contact us for expert guidance and sparring so that together we can find the best surface solution for your project.

For more information, find the technical data sheets here.

Most of our metal paint and primer range is available in sizes 0.75 l, 5 l and 20 l. However, we primarily stock 0.75 l and 5 l.


Paint for metal in many different Ral colours

EFAmetal Machine Enamel is available in a wide range of standard colours. Among these, we have the most well-known colours from the construction industry and agriculture. Among ral colours, there can i.a. include RAL 9010, RAL 7016 and RAL 9005. We also make a wide range of unique colours to order, so if you are missing a RAL colour, contact us today to find out more. See our RAL colour chart here.